Troubleshooting Object Visibility

With Revit, things aren’t always cut and dry, especially when it comes to object visibility.  Between object category visibility, element overrides, worksets, phases, etc… things can sometimes get lost.  Below is a checklist to help you determine where something is and why it’s not showing up like you expect it to.

Check Visibility/Graphics

  • Is it hidden in the view? (Can use the light bulb icon on the bottom toolbar to quickly check. Use
    Visibility/Graphics dialog box (VG) to fix)
  • Is the category turned on? (VG or VV)
  • Is it temporarily hidden? Look for cyan border on screen. (Use glasses icon on bottom toolbar to fix.)
  • Check Workset
  • Is the workset turned off in the view (VG)?
  • Is the workset loaded (Workset dialog box)
  • Is it in the right workset? Note that copying an item will put it in the current workset not the same workset as
    the original. (Element Properties)
  • Check View Range
  • Is the view depth setting set up to show it (VP)?
  • Is it outside the crop region? Click “Show crop region” icon to check – on bottom toolbar. Or deactivate
    crop region with “Do Not Crop” icon on same toolbar.
  • If more of a detail item or text is outside the view than what is showing, it will all disappear.
  • Check Detail Level (Fine/Med/Course)
  • Check Model Graphics (Hidden Line/Wire Frame/Etc.)
  • Are you zoomed in or out too far? Zoom all (ZA or ZE or ZF)?
  • Was it inserted on a level different from what you expected? (Element Properties)
  • Check Plan Region (if used)
  • Check Phasing (if used)
  • Existing, demo, new construction, etc. (VP)
  • Are the phase filters set up correctly (VP)
  • Check Design Options (if used)
  • Were invisible lines used e.g. in a filled region?
  • Is it a mass element with the mass category turned off? (VG) (or use “Show Mass” Icon in Revit 2009 only)
  • If not seen in elevation view, check that Elevation Markers point to the model
  • In V/G turn on “Generic Models” (e.g. some switches are categorized as generic, not under “Electrical

Some things to try:

  • Create a new 3D view so there are no visibility settings adjusted – Temporarily turn off items or categories
    to see if it’s hidden or use a section box.
  • Create new Plan View or Ceiling View (not a duplicate of existing view).
  • Use wireframe setting on bottom toolbar.
  • Temporarily turn off items or categories to see if it’s hidden by another object.
  • Turn on all worksets.

(This list has been compiled from various posts on the AUGI & Autodesk WikiHelp web sites as well as personal experience)

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