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InfraWorks Tips & Tricks

From the upcoming AUGI World magazine – March 2019 edition InfraWorks Tips & Tricks In my previous Tips & Tricks article (AUGIWorld March 2017) I showed you a way to adjust the height of buildings imported using Model Builder. In … Continue reading

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Photogrammetric Mapping

What is “photogrammetric mapping”, who uses it and why? Read more to find out… Continue reading

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Sometimes change isn’t just good…

…it’s necessary to grow as an individual, as a team member and progress as a professional. Back in September 2017 I left a multi-discipline engineering firm after working there for nearly 17 years as a drafter then proving myself as … Continue reading

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MORE work with BETTER graphics created in LESS time

Andrew Anagnost’s opening keynote address at Autodesk University 2017 about making more, better and with less was the inspiration behind this blog posting. Here at AI Engineers I’ve been up to my neck in InfraWorks, building models to help us … Continue reading

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Batch Create Snapshots from InfraWorks Bookmarks using Javascript

Using a few lines of Javascript code you can automate the process of creating snapshots for each bookmark in your model. To run the code simply open the SCRIPTING editor and copy/paste the code below into the main window then click the START SCRIPT button … Continue reading

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Update Infraworks 360 data using JavaScript and a CSV file

You can add or update data for any object within Infraworks 360 using a simple CSV file saved from Excel and a little bit of Javascript coding. Here’s how…. In this simple example, I have a CSV file which has four (4) … Continue reading

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Create Custom Properties in Infraworks

At the end of my previous article (Update Infraworks 360 data using JavaScript and a CSV file) I mentioned you could create your own custom categories in the Properties Palette. This article will walk you through the different parts that … Continue reading

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Adjust building height using image date

Infraworks’ Model Builder is great for giving you a starting point for your model but the building heights aren’t always accurate when the data is imported. Sometimes the building heights aren’t even close to what they are in the real world, … Continue reading

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What’s new in InfraWorks 2018.1

So what’s new in InfraWorks 2018.1? Here’s a little teaser…. parametric components for bridge rails, barriers and more, linear feature extraction from point clouds, and a Parts Editor. Click this link for more information!

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AU2017 Class Presentation (teaser)

I am excited to say that once again I’m heading back to Autodesk University in Las Vegas to present and co-present two awesome classes. My main class is focused on InfraWorks and how easy it is to use for architects … Continue reading

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