MORE work with BETTER graphics created in LESS time

Andrew Anagnost’s opening keynote address at Autodesk University 2017 about making more, better and with less was the inspiration behind this blog posting. Here at AI Engineers I’ve been up to my neck in InfraWorks, building models to help us win MORE work by creating BETTER presentation graphics in LESS time.

2563-No Logo-Underside of Bridge

Winning MORE work…

In this day and age of technology and software it’s almost expected of you to create some sort of 3-dimensional model to help tell your story. And here at AI Engineers, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

2563-No Logo-Bridge 02

…by creating BETTER presentation graphics…

Using InfraWorks to generate the base model conditions – roadways, water areas, trees, buildings, etc – and a combination of Revit and FormIt to generate additional content, we’re able to create BETTER presentation graphics for proposals and job interviews. These graphics have definitely given us an advantage over our competition. When the client/owner can see their project in 3D, it removes a lot of the “What are those?” questions, and helps put the focus on what’s really important – the final product.

2563-No Logo-Bridge 04

…in LESS time.

And by continuously developing content for models, I’ve been able to create a large library of content that can be quickly imported into a new project model and be up and running on a design-intent model in no time at all.

2563-No Logo-PPT Image 01

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