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Is your hard drive filling up after a Revit crash?

If your hard drive is running out of space and you've noticed Revit is crashing more frequently, check the journal folder for extraneous Revit models. When saving a non-workshared model to a network drive, Revit will save a copy of … Continue reading

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Trouble-shooting Civil 3D drawings

Below are a few tips to help you clean and speed up your Civil 3D drawings if you find they’re running slower than usual. RECOVER the drawing The RECOVER command will extract as much data as it can from the … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Object Visibility

With Revit, things aren’t always cut and dry, especially when it comes to object visibility.  Between object category visibility, element overrides, worksets, phases, etc… things can sometimes get lost.  Below is a checklist to help you determine where something is and … Continue reading

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