Sometimes change isn’t just good…

…it’s necessary to grow as an individual, as a team member and progress as a professional.

Back in September 2017 I left a multi-discipline engineering firm after working there for nearly 17 years as a drafter then proving myself as a CADD Manager and then ultimately becoming the BIM Manager. I needed a change of scenery. A change of responsibilities. A change of challenges. But sometimes that change can end up not being what you thought it would be or hoped for.

So with that being said, I’m making yet another change, but this time I’ll be entrenched in an environment in which I’m most comfortable with – Revit.

I’ve been at Svigals + Partners for less that 2 days but I’m already feeling the love of my fellow team members. But best of all is that I’m once again doing what I know and love.

Thanks to everyone at S+P for making me feel welcome!!

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