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Photogrammetric Mapping

What is “photogrammetric mapping”, who uses it and why? Read more to find out… Continue reading

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MORE work with BETTER graphics created in LESS time

Andrew Anagnost’s opening keynote address at Autodesk University 2017 about making more, better and with less was the inspiration behind this blog posting. Here at AI Engineers I’ve been up to my neck in InfraWorks, building models to help us … Continue reading

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Complete Collaboration with Autodesk’s AEC Collection 2018

The 2018 release of Autodesk’s AEC Collection makes it easier than ever to coordinate, geo-locate and collaborate between InfraWorks, Civil 3D, Revit, taking it all into Navisworks and beyond to a VR experience. And with just 5 simple steps, it’s probably easier than … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Favorite New Features of InfraWorks 360 (Fall ’16 Release)

The crew in The Factory have been busy working on improving and updating functionality and features of InfraWorks 360 and this time they’ve incorporated a lot of wish-list items into the latest release. Below are my top 5 favorite new … Continue reading

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Give your Parking Lots a Paint Job

This post will show you a quick and easy way to create parking lot striping for your InfraWorks 360 model using nothing more than lines from an AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing. The linework data will be exported from AutoCAD Civil … Continue reading

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Adjust building height using image date

InfraWorks‘ Model Builder is great for giving you a starting point for your model but the building heights aren’t always accurate when the data is imported. Sometimes the building heights aren’t even close to what they are in the real world, … Continue reading

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Update Infraworks 360 data using JavaScript and a CSV file

You can add or update data for any object within Infraworks 360 using a simple CSV file saved from Excel and a little bit of Javascript coding. Here’s how…. In my CSV file I have four (4) columns and six … Continue reading

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Civil 3D Plan & Profile DWGs from Infraworks Model

So you’ve got your design roads all sketched up and looking good in your Infraworks model and you’ve just received the surveyor’s field survey drawing. Now what? Do you re-draw the alignments in Civil 3D? Not quite… you can export … Continue reading

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