My Top 5 Favorite New Features of InfraWorks 360 (Fall ’16 Release)

The crew in The Factory have been busy working on improving and updating functionality and features of InfraWorks 360 and this time they’ve incorporated a lot of wish-list items into the latest release. Below are my top 5 favorite new features of the fall ’16 release.

1. Contour Lines

The ability to display contour lines in the model has finally become a reality (which only makes sense since the model already knows differences in elevation) and accompanying it are a few new tools required – PARCEL, EASEMENT and RIGHT-OF-WAY – to be able to actually show those contour lines. You must create a parcel, easement or right-of-way FIRST then toggle on the display of contour lines and change the interval if you’d like.



2. Cut/Fill Calcs

Number 2 and #3 (Section Slider) really go hand-in-hand, but at the same time they’ve both awesome enough that I broke them out into separate items.

In the previous release, the only way to get cut and fill calc information along major stations of a road was to generate a roadway optimization report. Now, with version 17.2.314.0 you can dynamically check the cut/fill areas along any point of a road or quickly export a CSV file of cut/fill calcs along a set station increment.


3. Section Slider

Combine this cool tool with #2 (Cut/Fill Calcs) and superelevated roadways and you get a really good picture of your preliminary design before any highly detailed design work has even begun in AutoCAD Civil 3D.


4. Roadside Grading

Roadside grading for component roads has been greatly improved. You can now set individual values for cut/fill grading for both sides of the road. You can also apply different types of materials to your roadside grading, so you could have rock on one side of the road and grass on the other.


5. Design Views and View Settings

Design Views are a simple way of changing the display of your model temporarily, whether it’s to help you focus on the display of contour lines, adjusting the overall brightness/contrast/light intensity or changing the surface opacity to view underground piping systems to name a few. You can change the display on the fly and then quickly switch it back to the default or create your own custom view.








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