Re-use, re-size, re-purpose

InfraWorks 360 comes loaded with lots of great 3D content, but sometimes you just can’t find what you need. But what if you took an existing 3D model and re-sized it and used it for a different purpose? The three Screencasts below will hopefully give you some ideas of how you might be able to use existing models in different ways.

Idea #1 – Re-size the Yellow Solid 1M Cube and use it as parking lot striping in a road style.

Idea #2 – Re-size the Square Tree Base w_Grass model and use it for a parking lot island.

Idea #3 – Re-size the Gray Trans 1M Cube and use it as a parking lot wheel stop.

Putting it all together and adding some additional context (cars & trees) to give your model a more realistic feel.

So the next time you need some content for your model, take a look at the existing 3D models and see if you can re-size and re-use anything for a different purpose.

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