Bluebeam Tips & Tricks – Part I

Saving Markups to the Tool Chest

Bluebeam’s Tool Chest enables you to save frequently used, pre-formatted markups to quickly and consistently add markups to your PDF.


Let’s say you have three frequently used markups, each preformatted with a different font and color. You can add them to your Tool Chest for future use.


To do this select one, right-click and select  by simply selecting one of the markups, right-clicking and select Add to Tool Chest then select My Tools.


When you click on the Tool Chest icon you will see the three pre-formatted markups in the My Tools section.


Now, whenever you click on one of the icons in My Tools, the markup will be inserted into the PDF just as it was when you added it to your Tool Chest. But what if you would like to be able to type in different text each time but still use the same formatting? You can simply toggle from Properties Mode to Drawing Mode for a tool and the next time you click on it you’ll be able to type in new text.


Notice the icon in your Tool Chest changed.


Click this link for more information about working with the Tool Chest.


Auto-sequencing allows you to have a text based markup automatically increment in value each time it is placed. The automatically incremented markup text can be applied to the entire document or individual pages.


Add a new tool to your Tool Chest. Right-click on the new tool and select Sequence ► Define.


The Sequence dialog box is displayed allowing you to change various settings. Click OK to save the changes.


Click this link for more information about auto sequencing.

Same Tool, Different Color

If you need two identical tools but different colors (say one for electrical and one for plumbing) you can duplicate a tool a tool and change its color.


Select a tool, right-click and click Duplicate.

duplicate tool

Right-click on the duplicated tool and select Change Color. Select the new color(s) and click OK.


Reorganizing Tabs Using the Position Wheel

You can move tabs and panels to create a more customized and efficient work space.


Simply left-click on a tab (be sure to hold the mouse button down) and drag it to a new location. When you drag it down into the panel below, for example, the Position Wheel will popup and you can then place the tab into one of four quadrants.


To move it back, just click (and hold) on the tab and move it back to the top with the other tabs and release the mouse button.


TIP Tip: If you’re using more than one monitor, tabs/panels can be moved to another monitor to help you increase the real estate for your document.

Click this link for more information about positioning tabs.

Creating a Custom Toolbar

You can create a custom toolbar (or toolbars) to hold some of your most frequently used commands to make editing PDFs faster and easier.


Click on View ►Toolbars ► Customize to display the Customize Toolbars dialog box.

Toolbar 01

Click the green plus (+) to display the Add Toolbar dialog box and enter a name for your custom toolbar.

Toolbar 02

To add commands to your toolbar simply click on the push pin next to a command then select your toolbar.

Toolbar 03

After creating your custom toolbar(s) you can turn off the default toolbars for a more streamlined interface.

Export Your Custom Profile

Exporting your custom profile is a great way of getting all your toolsets and custom line styles onto another computer.


Click the Profile icon, select a profile from the list and click Export to specify a location. Be sure to keep the Include Dependencies option toggled on to include any custom line styles and toolsets.

save profile

 Align and Distribute Tools

Bluebeam Revu allows you to align tools that you’ve placed either left, right, top or bottom. You can also space them equally horizontally or vertically.


Select multiple tools that you’ve placed and click the Align Top (or left, right or bottom) button. This will align all of the selected tools to the first item selected.



To space them equally horizontally (or vertically), with the items still selected click the Distribute Horizontally button.



Explore All PDFs in a Folder

Bluebeam Revu gives you an easy way to cycle through all of the PDFs within a folder without the need to open/close each one individually.


ALT + Page Up or ALT + Page Down will cycle through all of the PDFs in a folder and open/close them within the same tab.

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