Special Characters for Revit

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Revit lacks some of the most basic text functions that programs costing thousands of dollars less already have.  One of those basic functions is the ability to add special characters.  Well, Revit DOES have the ability but it’s not as obvious or as easy as other programs.  Using the ARIAL font (our standard font) you use a combination of numbers and the ALT key; press and hold the ALT key then enter the numbers and then release the ALT key and the special character will appear.  Below is a list of some of the most common special characters that you can use in Revit.  This list is also available on the OPEN/SAVE drafting view of every new project for you to copy/paste as needed.

ALT + 0176 = °

ALT + 0177 = ±

ALT + 0216 = Ø

ALT + 0188 = ¼

ALT + 0189 = ½

ALT + 0190 = ¾

A more complete list can be found >>here<<.

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